With the combined experience of more than 30 years of our principals, specialized in Land Investment Advisory, Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry in Latam, we are focused on Tailor-made Land Scouting, Brokerage, Mergers and Acquisitions and Turnkey Management of Farms and Ranches. Additionally we offer Farm and Ranch Control and Reporting to Land Owners usually based abroad.

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Douglas Tompkins, founder of The North Face and co-founder of Esprit, clothing companies, most important eco-philanthropist in the world, mountaineer, organic farmer and conservationist, worked to restore and transform degraded farms and established large-scale protected areas including several National Parks in Argentina and Chile.

In 2007, Tompkins, together with Eduardo Chorén, his right-hand man and partner in Argentina, co-founded Pampa Partners based on the idea of providing investors with the same in-house services they were generating, including landscouting, negotiating land purchases, restoring properties, planning and managing properties.

Starting in the Chilean Patagonia with conservation and lifestyle farms, in 2008 the firm entered the Argentine market and became engaged in agriculture, livestock and forestry transactions and management. Uruguay and Paraguay started to be explored in 2009 as attractive emerging markets to supplement investment diversification to investors and clients. Peru was included in 2017.

In 2018 Pampa Partners is expanding its Farm & Ranch Management and Control & Reporting divisions.

Profit. People. Planet.

For-Profit and Results-Driven Companies generate direct and non-direct benefits to Society. For us, this is good, but not enough. Helping people in need and a damaged Planet is part of our economic equation. Therefore, every year we donate 1% of our income to NGOs for Educational and Kids´ Nutrition Programs and NGOs committed to preserving the Wild. This is our Triple P Philosophy.

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Provide to our Investors, Family Offices and Individuals a high-standard and customized service based on strictly confidential terms, assuring transparent and efficient Deal Flows while offering results-driven Management Services and Up-To-Date Reporting.


Founded in 2007, Pampa Partners is a boutique land brokerage, consulting and farm&ranch management firm focused on farmland, ranchland and forestry, in the southern cone markets: Argentina , Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, with access through its associates to investment opportunities in Brazil and Peru. With the team’s combined experience of more than 50 years in land scouting opportunities in over +3,000,000 hectares throughout the Southern Cone, we have offered advice (legal/tax/finance) on the structuring of foreign investments, representing mostly foreign family offices, individuals and agribusiness companies, managing more than 150,000 hectares of agriculture, livestock and forestry, building over 400 houses and farm’s infrastructure and appraising more than 400,000 hectares. Based on investment opportunities worth nearly US$ 1bn, Pampa Partners offers tailor made land-related services to its clientele, ensuring strict confidentiality at all times.


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Douglas Tompkins


Was a wilderness advocate, mountaineer, organic farmer, and conservationist. For more than two decades, he worked alongside his wife, Kristine Tompkins, to restore degraded farms and to establish large-scale protected areas including several National Parks in Argentina and Chile.

Through a family foundation, they have supported environmental activism in North and South America and, via their nonprofit foundations and privately held farms, they have helped to advance the frontiers of agroecological thinking. Doug Tompkins died in late 2015 after a kayaking accident in Patagonia.

Eduardo Chorén


Accomplished businessman with 20+ years of experience in business management in the agricultural and real estate industries, including green real estate company experience. Trained in economics and accounting with a deep understanding of business and partnerships. He has managed Commercial, Agricultural, Cattle and Forestry Companies in relation to Kristine and Douglas Tompkins’ investments in Argentina, over 130,000 hectares, for more than fifteen years. Together with Douglas Tompkins, as shareholder, he co-founded Pampa Partners and Estancia Laguna Blanca S.A. Willing to face new challenges and innovative markets.

Native in Spanish. Advanced in English.

Married, four children. Lives in La Paz, Entre Rios.